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How to transfer stocks between accounts


I am unclear how to transfer stocks between accounts. My transaction history that I am importing shows a transfer. There is no equivalent mapping to transfer between accounts, and if I use shares removed, it is treated as though I sold the stocks and the value difference shows up in reports.

Is there a way to do a transfer without it showing up as a transaction on tax forms?



If you transfer your stock to another account with TradeMax
I suggest you export last day holding positions from A account.
Please do not use “shares removed” function in your case

o How to display your holding positions in a specific date:

  1. Click [USD]My Holdings under the Account List->FY20XX
  2. A  Position Holding Date box will pop up
  3. Select your position holding dateLearn more about: How to select a date
  4. Click OK to display the holding positions
  5. IN Broker tree view select -> [USD]My Holdings
  6. Right Click the mouse in menu select export trade as csv file
then import these holding positions to B account as baseline
Use import baseline function

>how does that remove the shares from the original account?

You can mannual close the transaction at same buy price with negative commission.

for example:open long 100 ABC stock price $5 commission $7, mannual close long  100    ABC stock $5 commission -$7

You will get 0 gain from Abc in A account

>Can you add a baseline when the original acquisition (not the transfer) was during the same tax year as the transfer. The account I am transferring to is not new and had other holdings also.

sure,you can import baseline csv file to existing account FY20XX year view


Export trade data from 1 account to another

Q:How do I export the baseline or trade data  from 1 account in 1 file to an account in another file?

For example you want to transfer fy2013’s baseline to another tmx file

A)Export trade data from one account
You can select your broker tree view,goto fy2013->baseline view,right click the mouse.
In context menu select “export trades as csv file”,
Select target folder and input filename to create your filename.csv
export trades as csv file

export trade data as csv file

B)Import trade data from trademax csv file
Open another tmx file,

Goto the new broker’s fy2013,right click the menu
for baseline import use “import baseline”  function.
for normal trade use “import trade” function
Select import->import baseline or import trade function
In import dialog box select import from local file,then select the filename.csv
TradeMax will auto detect the csv file to import.

How to Record a Goog Spin-off GOOGL in TradeMax

Q:How to Record a Goog Spin-off Googl in TradeMax?
I have just entered a spin-off event for GOOG and GOOGL today. However, I

cannot see how to adjust the cost basis, as my GOOG shares still have the
full original cost basis and the GOOGL shares appear to have a zero cost
basis.  Please can you tell me how to do this?

To append a spin-off event,you should enter Old price per share and New Price per share in the spin-off dialog box and Old Security Quantity/New Security Quantity,TradeMax will auto adjust from GOOG to GooGL
For example,you have 100 goog open position,the buy price is 800,
After spin-off GOOG price is 569.74  ,GOOGL price is 571.5 and 100 new share
So the GOOGL open price should be  (571.5/(569.74+571.5))*800=400.6169 the COST of GOOGL =40061.69
The GOOG cost =80000-40061.69=39938.31
  1. Select the records to Spinoff
  2. Right-click on the record and select the Trade Spinoff from the context menu
  3. A dialog box will pop up:

Just Enter Old price per share and New Price per share in the spin-off dialog box
Function Descripton
1.Enter Transaction

Select the transaction type.

There are the following option from its dropdown list :

Stock Split/Reverse Split – A corporate action in which a companys existing shares are divided into multiple shares.

Stock Spin off – A spin-off is a new company formed by splitting from a larger one. Brokers’methods vary widely on how they report spinoffs in their statements.

Stock Merge The combination of two or more corporations into one..

2.Transaction Date The actual date you spinoff the security to another
3.Account Choose the specific account name from the accounts list. If you choose <All Account> from the dropdown list, event will apply to all accounts
4.Old Security Name The name of security before the specific event. Enter the old security name manually in the Old Security Name field or Select it from the Symbol dropdown list.
5.Old Security Quantity Number of shares before the specific event.
6.New Security Name The name of the security after the specific event. Enter the new security name manually in the New Security Name field or Select it from the Symbol dropdown list.
7.New Security Quantity Number of shares after the specific event.
8.New shares Issued The split ratio is automatically calculated by New Security Quantity/Old Security Quantity.
9.Cost Per Old Share Enter the cost per share of the old security,on the date of the spin-off.
8.Cost Per New Share Enter the cost per share of the new security which was spin off, on the date of the spin-off.

How to import trade data from MetaTrader statement

How to download account activity or statement file from MetaTrader Software:

  1. Run MetaTrader sofware & Login your MetaTrader account find terminal view.
  2. To find the Terminal view,Just in “View” Menu select “Terminal” or click CTRL+T as shortchut then change tab to Account History…
  3. Click MetaTrader Forex Account History tab to export MetaTrader Detailed Statement(*.htm)

  “Account History” tab that is located in the bottom of MetaTrader trading platform.

metatrader 4 all histoy

3.In “Account History” tab, Right click the mouse.In dropdown menu,Please select  “All History” or “Custom Period” . After that operation all of your trade historical data should appear.

 Right clicking on the mouse and selecting “Save as Detiled Report”, a HTML form metatrader statement can be created. You may choose a folder where you wish the save the statement.

You can also save the Account History as Detailed Report. The difference to a normal report is that a Detailed Report draws a chart with detailed information of the account events.

  1. Import MetaTrader Detailed statement into TradeMax
  2. Run TradeMax,Create a account which broker name is MetaTrader.The import function is available under the Account List: Right-click the account which you want to import your data and select the Import Trade.

Option 2 : If you already have downloaded trade data from your brokerage, just choose “Import Trade Activity Data from Local File” Option.

Click the next window,

4.In profile name dropdown list,select the profile name(“MetaTrader Detailed Statement”),in import file field,click the browse file button to choose “detailedstatement.htm”


Sample data should look like follow html templet.

Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
4469735 2012.10.11 07:56:12 balance R2 – OFM20121011022051 – NA 1 000.00
4470876 2012.10.11 08:59:51 buy 0.10 usdjpy 78.087 0.000 0.000 2012.10.11 15:55:42 78.505 0.00 0.00 0.00 53.25
4479844 2012.10.11 22:00:32 buy 0.10 usdjpy 78.344 0.000 0.000 2012.10.15 03:35:15 78.476 0.00 0.00 -0.01 16.82
4486272 2012.10.12 13:25:19 buy 0.10 usdjpy 78.399 0.000 0.000 2012.10.15 08:05:29 78.623 0.00 0.00 -0.01 28.49

6.click the Next button to continue

If you want to calculate future gain&loss,you should use “Mark to Market Form 4797″ report to view your Sect.1256 future’s Gain & Loss.

Or remove the Sect.1256 future’s in the Short/Long term Gain/Loss report blacklist.

http://www.itrademax.com/ipress/news/how-to-include-forex-trades-in-the-realized-gainloss-report.htm ask md

How do I reconcile my 8949 to the Form 1099-B

Q:Form 1099-b Comes sorted by date of sale regardless of Symbol – I can’t figure out any way to look at the data that way with TradeMax. How do I do this?

If you want to report the sort is by “date of sale”,Please run short/long term Capital gain&loss report
With subtotal function,in dropdown list,select group by day.

Basic Function
1. Subtotal Field To group the report by choosing a column header from its dropdown list.

You also can use 1099 Gross Sales amount to check ,this value allows you to reconcile the Total Sales amount in TradeMax to your brokerage provided 1099-B Gross Sales amount and shows any necessary adjustments to the TradeMax Total Sales such as for open short sales and option sales.

In Daily Account Report,there will a lot of Statistics information under chart report.
The button line Include 1099 Gross sales Value & short open position total sales,

How many database can TradeMax Edition Support?

Q:I am running the standard edition and have 3 databases created. When I want to create a new database, I receive the following error: “Your current license can only support 3 times database creating, you should upgrade your license to higher edition.”,Please advise why this is happening?

A:TradeMax Strand Edition can only support 3 times database creating
If you want to import another account files.
Just open existing account file,you can create multiple accounts in one database.
Or Delete the old trade data in the account file.

TradeMax Basic Edition can support 1 times database creating
TradeMax Strand Edition can support 3 times database creating
TradeMax Deluxe Edition can support 5 times database creating
TradeMax Premier Edition can support database creating without any limitation

Dose TradeMax Support for Mac

Q:Dose TradeMax Support for Mac?

You should install Windows virtual machine on Mac with Parallels Desktop first.


Then install TradeMax on the Windows virtual machine

How to install Windows virtual machine on Mac using Parallels Desktop?

Step 1: Have your Windows disk or image ready

Do not have Windows to install?

  • You may purchase Windows installation files on a CD/DVD disk from most retail stores:

In case you have any issues with installing Windows from CD/DVD disk, please follow the steps in the following Knowledge Base article 4917 “How to create .iso image of Windows installation CD?”.

NOTE: If you are planning on upgrading from an existing Windows virtual machine to Windows 8, please see this article for step by step instructions how to upgrade to Windows 8: http://kb.parallels.com/en/114985

Step 2: Creating New Virtual Machine

A Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine is virtual hardware for your Windows or any other operating system you want to install.

1. Launch Parallels Desktop application  (in the Applications folder) and select File New… as shown below:

2. Select a source for installation by clicking on Install Windows from DVD or image file

Note: If you have a Boot Camp partition with Windows on your Mac, you will see additional icon Install from Boot Camp.

Step 3: Select source to install from

You may install Windows either from DVD or .iso disk image. Important notice: Windows installation files with .exe extensions are not supported.

Installing Windows from DVD:

  • Insert the Windows installation disk into the Mac’s DVD-ROM drive.
  • Select Install Windows from DVD or image file.
  • Select the Windows installation disc from the Install from menu

Installing Windows from an image file:

  • Select ‘choose an image file” in the drop-down list and provide the path to the image file.

Step 4: Windows product key

Click Continue. In the Windows Product Key window, be sure to leave Express installation selected:

NOTE: If you deselect Express installation, you will need to manually install Parallels Tools after the installation to allow the most seamless operation between Windows and Mac OS X.

It is also recommended that you use the 64-bit version of Windows, but if you want to use the 32-bit version, deselect 64-bit Windows version. When ready, click Continue.

Step 5: Select type of Integration with OS X

Select how you want to use Windows:

  • Like a Mac: Windows programs appear on the Mac desktop, just like Mac applications. Documents and media from Mac OS X and Windows are kept together on your Mac.
  • Like a PC: The Windows desktop and programs appear in a single window, separate from Mac applications. You can drag and drop objects between Windows and the Mac.
To learn more about Virtual Machine and OS X integration, click Help me choose as shown on the picture below:

Step 6: Name and Location

Name: You may specify any name for your Virtual Machine.

Location: Default location for Parallels Desktop Virtual Machines is /Users/username/Documents/Parallels but you may change it if you want.

Select Share with other users of this Mac option if you want to share this Virtual Machine with other Mac users.

Optional step: Customize settings before installation

If you want to change default Virtual Machine settings select Customize settings before installation. These settings can be easily changed anytime later.

Final Step: Click Continue

Your Windows installation was just started! It takes some time; once Windows is installed it will start and Parallels Tools installation will be initiated automatically and you will need to restart Windows. Parallels Tools is a set of features for Virtual Machines including networking, printing, screen resolution etc.

How does TradeMax protect your financial information?

Q:How does TradeMax protect your financial information?

TradeMax understands that the privacy and security of your personal financial data is of the utmost importance. The information that you download from your financial institution is confidential. Your downloaded information is not used for anything other than providing and maintaining the online data import service. In addition we use the following security safeguards:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry standard cryptographic protocol which provides secure message transmission on the Internet. The “sockets” part of the term refers to the sockets method of passing data back and forth between a client and a server program in a network or between program layers in the same computer. SSL uses the public-and-private key encryption system from RSA, which also includes the use of a digital certificate.) technology to secure the transmission of your financial information from your financial institution into TradeMax and encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet.

A password issued by your financial institution that you must enter each time you connect to the Internet. You can change your password to one of your choice at any time so that only you know it.

TradeMax does not record your user name and password.

The TradeMax privacy statement .

Dose TradeMax support ‏gains tax report in Canadian dollar -foreign currency

Q: I am Canadian, but trade generally US stocks, and a few Canadian ones. Ideally, I need a capital gains report in Canadian dollars, but I could also have it in US$ and would have to convert, using an average foreign exchange for the year.

A: Sure,TradeMax international Edition support tax base in foreign currency.When you create a new TradeMax Database,TradeMax international Edition will prompt you select your tax currency.After you import your foreign currency trade,TradeMax will auto generate your foreign currency trade to tax currency report.

TradeMax support forex rate on daily basis, which means, your portfolio will be update based on daily forex rate.

Q:Can I obtain on a daily basis, the value of my portfolio, the day gain, per stock and total gains or losses per stock since they were purchased ?

TradeMax provides you with a simple way to track your trade data on daily basis, with the Daily Account Value function, you can easily compare and monitor your trade performance through the generated chart so as to make a better investment strategy and maximize your capital gains.

  1. After selecting the specific column header you wanted to show(i.e Account Value, Portfolio Value, Cash Balance, Trends Comparison) in the chart, the chart will show as below:


TradeMax will generate a summery report for Daily Account Value Statistics,Realized Gain&Loss Statistics,Mark to Market Gain&Loss Statistics

How to include forex trades in the Realized Gain/Loss Report

Q:I come from a country where forex is treated the same as stocks for realized gains purposes.

I have not been able to find a way to include forex trades in the Realized Gain/Loss Report.Is there any way to do it in TradeMax?

A:In TradeMax, Forex trade should be reported on Sect.1256 Report( Mark to Market as default)

You also can use blacklist function add the forex data to the realized gain/loss report.

  1. Click Options button, and select Black List tab,  the following dialog box is displayed:

In “filter” dropdown-list select the “Realized Gain/Loss report”,remove the “Forex”,””Forex Future”  from the blacklist

Click the “ok” button,

In general tab,click “clear report cache” button

Now you can check your Realized Gain/Loss Report.Forex data is included in the report

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