Why do we append reinvested income?

  • It helps to expand an individual investor’s portfolio,
  • It enables the investor to cross-reinvest income from any other investment

The following wizard will show you how to record purchases of additional shares of a security with money paid to you by that security as Dividend or Interest income or Captial Gains Distribution(short-or long-term).

  1. Select the record to which you want to append the reinvested transaction

    Learn more about: How to select trade records.

  2. Right-click on the selected record and select the Event Append in the context menu, then choose Reinvest-Income Reinvested) in the dropdown menu
  3. A dialog box will pop up:
  4. Type the information into the box:
  • Select the Transaction Date with your mouse or enter the same using your keyboard

  • Account is the account to which the selected record belongs .
  • Security Name is the name of the security you have selected. You can select security name from the dropdown list. If the security name dosen’t exist in the dropdown list, you can selectto add a new one through editing the dialog box.Learn more about: Symbol box parameter
  • Manually enter the amounts for Dividend, Interest, Short-term cap gain dist( Short-term capital gain distribution), Long-term cap gain dist( Long-term capital gain distribution) Miscellaneous and the shares of security . Or you can leave some of them blank .
  • After checking the information, click the OK to continue the process. You will see the following grid:TradeMax splits the record to several records.
    • Symbol ID104 is the original trade record.
    • Symbol ID 206 shows the Reinvested Long term capital gains of 50 shares of ACS1 is $15
    • Symbol ID 205 shows the Reinvested short term capital gains of 50 shares of ACS1 is $10
    • Symbol ID 204 shows the Reinvested Interest of 50 shares of ACS1 is $8
    • Symbol ID 203 shows the Reinvested Dividend of 50 shares of ACS1 is $10
  • You can cancel this action with the Undo Button in the trade tab.