Download From Interactive Brokers

To download data from Interactive Brokers:

  1. Run TradeMax and setup an IB account
  2. Log into your Interactive Brokers account.
  3. Click the plus sign in front of  Reports -> Activity -> Third-Party Downloads

    interactive broker trade activity third party download

    interactive broker trade activity third party download

  4. Select the appropriate Daily or Monthly Statement, In “Format” choose “TradeLog(*.tlf), Quicken(*.qfx) or MS Money(*.ofx)” ,then click the Download button.
    From the Account Administration section select Base Currency.In the Date fields, select the Period (Daily, Monthly or Custom Date Range) and a Date. For Custom Date
    Range, select the From and To dates, which define the period covered by the statement you want to download.

    • If you download TradeLog format(*.tlf), select and copy entire report to Text Document then save it as TXT file or use orignal TLF format.Your downloaded tlf or txt file must be in this format as shown below:

      In Trademax import wizard, you should select profile InterActive Brokers TLF(*.tlf,*.txt,*.csv) format.
    • If you download Quicken(*.qfx), you should select Profile Name / Open Financial Exchange(*.ofx,*.qfx,*xml).Note: Currently only the US version of Quicken is supported for IB. The US version of Quicken requires all values to be in USD. Regardless of the base currency in which you trade, you must ensure that your base currency for reporting needs is set to USD. To set or change your base currency for reporting, log into Account Management.
      Note that downloads to Quicken (.OFX format) can go back 90 days
    • If you download MS Money(*.ofx), you should select Profile Name / Open Financial Exchange.
  5. If you find the your downloaded file format is different from the above formats, you should set your profile in Profile Wizard.
  6. Run TradeMax and setup an IB account to import trade activity data from local file.

Solution 2

b) Use flex queries function
1. Login to your Interactive Brokers account, Account Management area.
2. In the main menu, click on “Reports”, then “Trade Confirmations”.
3. Click “Create New Flex Query”
4. Name the Query, select text file as export type (TXT), select date range and from the “Available Fields” choose the following: TradeDate, Symbol, Buy/Sell, Price, Quantity, Commission.
5. Save the Query.
6. Run the Query.
7. Copy and paste the text file into Microsoft Excel. File –> Save as –> select “Comma Delimited (CSV)” for Save as Type, choose a name then Save.
8. You can either define your own template with trademax profile wizard function or send us a sample CSV or Xls data file(activity statement) with 8~10 lines of transactions in it for importing, we will build the template for our customer at no extra cost.(in statement choose legacy full->choose period(custom date range)->ms execl)