To restore a backup file, follow these steps:

Step 1: Run the TradeMax and go to Account.

Stpe 2: Choose Restore button on the Trade Tab, a dialog box will pop up.

Step 3: The popup dialog box allows you to enter the Restore information.


color=##000099 >Description
Save file

Click the browse to select the back up folder and file name.

Password Password for back up file.
Import Account If the account you want to import doesn’t exist, select the Import Account checkbox. New Account will be automatically added.

Click thebutton to continue the restore process.

Step 4: Match account.Import the data file from Account In File into Account In Program.


Account In File

Account list in backup file.

Account In Program Import Account list.

If you want to import Account in File: AB Watley(see person) into Account in Program: Score Trade Jones:

1. Select Score Trade Jones from the dropdown list under Account In Program to match. If Import Account not exist, select Ignore to match.

2. Click thebutton to continue the restore process.

Step 5: Trade Record Preview dialog box will pop up.

1. Review all the data in Trade Record Preview dialog box.

2. Drag the scrollbar to the right to confirm the import data (Default is: Import All).If not import, uncheck the check box.

3. Click the button to complete the restore process.