Daily Market Value Report – This report is for those users who track the performance and market value of the securities on daily basis in specific finance year. The report will show the portfolio of every transaction on daily basis.  Before you run this report, you should download the price history of the securities in specific finance year. Otherwise, the data in this report isn’t accurate enough.

Daily Market Value is the relative market value of a security is simply equal to the aggregate market value of the security divided by the sum of the aggregate market values of all securities.

The following will tell you how to run a Daily Market Value Report

    Click the item Daily Market Value Report, you will get the following report window: 

    Basic Function
    1 Report data information including Data Source, Create Date, Tax Payer and Page of Total

    Display market value details for all transactions in the current account on daily basis

    3 The chart display the day balance and cash balance

    The following grid give a detailed introduction about the report .

    1.Trade Time

    The transaction date of the security

    2.Portfolio Value Portfolio Value is a portfolio consisting of all securities where the proportion invested in each security correspons to its relative market value
    3. Available Funds Funds that are available to an account holder for withdrawal or other use.
    4.Total Market Value The Amount auto-calculated by Portfolio Value + Available funds