In order to simplify the process to run reports, TradeMax provides you with Black List to filter some information of various reports. With this feature, you can choose to display the information you want by selecting transaction type or Security Ticker to generate the specific report.

 The following wizard will tell you how to build a Black List.

  1. Click main button , and a main menu opens:

  3. Click Options button, and then select Black List tab,  the following dialog box displays:


1.Black List Tab After clicking Options button, you should select Black List tab.
2.Filter Field You can select the report you will run from the dropdown list.
3. Type Security type. For instance, stocks and mutual funds, options on stocks, Single-Stock-Futures, futures, currencies etc.
4. Ticker Security Ticker Symbol. You can click Ticker Tab to select the symbol you want to be displayed or disappeared in the generated report.
5.Ticker Tpye List The ticker types for you to select to display in the reports you want to run . Note : If you click Ticker Tab, the list box is called Ticker List.
6.Black List Field Tthe ticker types you want to omit in your report.
7.Condition Field Click to move the selected items to Ticker Type List or Black list alternatively.Click to move all items to Ticker Type List or Black List.