Dividends are distributions of property a corporation pays you because you own stock in that corporation. Most dividends are paid in cash. However, dividends may be paid as stock of another corporation or any other property.

With “Stock Dividend” function,you can mannual setTradeMax Stock Dividend type

[Qualifed-Dividend,non-Qualifed-Dividend,Long term Dividend,Short Term Dividend],

Payment date,Event Date,Dividends amount.Symbol.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to append a “stock dividend” action.

  1. Select the symbol you want to append dividend action.
  2. Right-click on the record and select Event Append in the context menu, then choose Trade Dividend from its dropdown list.



  1. A dialog box will pop up:


Type the infomation into the box.

  • select the Dividend type form the dropdown list [Qualifed-Dividend,non-Qualifed-Dividend,Long term Dividend,Short Term Dividend],
  • Select the Payment Date with you mouse or enter with you keyboard
  • Select the Div Event Date with you mouse or enter with you keyboard
  • Account is the account to which the selected record belongs .
  • Security Name is the name of the security you have selected. You can select security name from the dropdown list. If the security name dosen’t exist in the dropdown list, you can selectto add a new one through editing the dialog box.Learn more about: Symbol box parameter
  • Manually enter the amount for Dividend,
  • Manually enter the note, Or you can leave some of them blank .