Does the TradeMax software also handle trading activity for Futures contracts or commodities?

TradeMax works with Futures and commodities as TradeMax supports Section 1256 reports under which futures and commodities are classified.So you can view your performance of commodities or futures in Section 1256 Report.

Just follow the steps below to run Section 1256 Reports:

  1. Run TradeMax and import your trade data to the specific account you setup in TradeMax.
  2. Choose the specific finance year under selected account, then right-click Trade Data folder
  3. Select Section 1256 report from its pop-up list and Section 1256 Report Tab will be generated under Trade Data directory.
  4. Click Section 1256 Report Tab.
  5. Before generating Section 1256 reports , you will be required to select your positon holding Date. (The default is the end of specific year)
  6. The stock price of the selected date will be downloaded automatically.Note: As for commodities, TradeMax will require you to enter the commodities’ amount at the year end
  7. Now, you can view your commodities’ performance in the generated Section 1256 Report.