Q:Does your software handle splits and reverse splits, including dealing with options whose underlying has split/reverse split on opitons?

A:TradeMax can handle splits and reverse splits events including dealing with options.

TradeMax will auto assigned / exercised option to stock after split / reserve split event.(even the strike price or quantity will change)

In the following case,URE has a split(1 for 5) event on 04/15/2010,TradeMax will automatch the PUT Option URC100417p00009000 assigned strike price from $9 to $45,qty from 20 to 4,On gain&loss report our software will defer split option’s cost to correct underlying stock.

stock options split  match

If you enabled warning message on “Auto Assigned / Exercised Option to Stock after Split / Reserve Split Event” function in options TradeMax will give you a warning on such case