Q: I am Canadian, but trade generally US stocks, and a few Canadian ones. Ideally, I need a capital gains report in Canadian dollars, but I could also have it in US$ and would have to convert, using an average foreign exchange for the year.

A: Sure,TradeMax international Edition support tax base in foreign currency.When you create a new TradeMax Database,TradeMax international Edition will prompt you select your tax currency.After you import your foreign currency trade,TradeMax will auto generate your foreign currency trade to tax currency report.

TradeMax support forex rate on daily basis, which means, your portfolio will be update based on daily forex rate.

Q:Can I obtain on a daily basis, the value of my portfolio, the day gain, per stock and total gains or losses per stock since they were purchased ?

TradeMax provides you with a simple way to track your trade data on daily basis, with the Daily Account Value function, you can easily compare and monitor your trade performance through the generated chart so as to make a better investment strategy and maximize your capital gains.

  1. After selecting the specific column header you wanted to show(i.e Account Value, Portfolio Value, Cash Balance, Trends Comparison) in the chart, the chart will show as below:


TradeMax will generate a summery report for Daily Account Value Statistics,Realized Gain&Loss Statistics,Mark to Market Gain&Loss Statistics