Q:Form 1099-b Comes sorted by date of sale regardless of Symbol – I can’t figure out any way to look at the data that way with TradeMax. How do I do this?

If you want to report the sort is by “date of sale”,Please run short/long term Capital gain&loss report
With subtotal function,in dropdown list,select group by day.

Basic Function
1. Subtotal Field To group the report by choosing a column header from its dropdown list.

You also can use 1099 Gross Sales amount to check ,this value allows you to reconcile the Total Sales amount in TradeMax to your brokerage provided 1099-B Gross Sales amount and shows any necessary adjustments to the TradeMax Total Sales such as for open short sales and option sales.

In Daily Account Report,there will a lot of Statistics information under chart report.
The button line Include 1099 Gross sales Value & short open position total sales,