Q:How does TradeMax protect your financial information?

TradeMax understands that the privacy and security of your personal financial data is of the utmost importance. The information that you download from your financial institution is confidential. Your downloaded information is not used for anything other than providing and maintaining the online data import service. In addition we use the following security safeguards:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry standard cryptographic protocol which provides secure message transmission on the Internet. The “sockets” part of the term refers to the sockets method of passing data back and forth between a client and a server program in a network or between program layers in the same computer. SSL uses the public-and-private key encryption system from RSA, which also includes the use of a digital certificate.) technology to secure the transmission of your financial information from your financial institution into TradeMax and encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet.

A password issued by your financial institution that you must enter each time you connect to the Internet. You can change your password to one of your choice at any time so that only you know it.

TradeMax does not record your user name and password.

The TradeMax privacy statement .