I am unclear how to transfer stocks between accounts. My transaction history that I am importing shows a transfer. There is no equivalent mapping to transfer between accounts, and if I use shares removed, it is treated as though I sold the stocks and the value difference shows up in reports.

Is there a way to do a transfer without it showing up as a transaction on tax forms?



If you transfer your stock to another account with TradeMax
I suggest you export last day holding positions from A account.
Please do not use “shares removed” function in your case

o How to display your holding positions in a specific date:

  1. Click [USD]My Holdings under the Account List->FY20XX
  2. A  Position Holding Date box will pop up
  3. Select your position holding dateLearn more about: How to select a date
  4. Click OK to display the holding positions
  5. IN Broker tree view select -> [USD]My Holdings
  6. Right Click the mouse in menu select export trade as csv file
then import these holding positions to B account as baseline
Use import baseline function

>how does that remove the shares from the original account?

You can mannual close the transaction at same buy price with negative commission.

for example:open long 100 ABC stock price $5 commission $7, mannual close long  100    ABC stock $5 commission -$7

You will get 0 gain from Abc in A account

>Can you add a baseline when the original acquisition (not the transfer) was during the same tax year as the transfer. The account I am transferring to is not new and had other holdings also.

sure,you can import baseline csv file to existing account FY20XX year view