I have a web service provider which does cost basis report with wash sale adjustment; so why should I buy trademax?

  1. Brokers only provide the online data, and charge an annual service fee from you; and if you don’t renew your license, on or before the very day it is due to expire, then your login ID and all your data will be invalid and unavailable. With TradeMax, you will never be in such dilemma as you can always view and process the data in current year or prior years, even if you choose to stop using our software. As long as your TradeMax is still installed in your computer, you are able to access and process these data. It’s your data, this will never change.
  2. Web service providers only handle your data in current year,even some only provide the data of the last three months. But if you buy TradeMax, it handles data for current year and prior years. You also can easily generate cost basis report based on the data of multiple years with one-time license fee.