Q:I began trading stocks and mutual funds in 2008.  I actively trade in some brokerage accounts and infrequently in others.Some previous Schedule D forms were prepared by my accountant; some by my wife using TurboTax.  I would like to verify prior year Schedule D accuracy.

Does TradeMax permit prior year (2008-2011) Schedule D generation?

A:Sure,with TradeMax 2012’s help,you can generate  previous Schedule D-1 forms and export to txf file to  TurboTax.
In the previous year “FY200X” ->”Trade Data&Report” filter,you can find “Schedule D-1” report.

Q:Using Excel or other software, it would be relative easy for me to create files of a specified format and type.  After summarizing brokerages A, B, C, etc., each in the same format, can TradeMax accept these files?

A:Technically, TradeMax supports every broker, known or unknown,  as long as this broker provides a statement in CSV/EXCEL format or Quicken Qif,QFX format / Money OFX format or OFX server connection. Without changing codes, TradeMax allows users to define their own templates which suit the CSV format of their broker data.

Q:Does TradeMax warn of wash sale issues prior to placing a trade?

A:If you place a wash sale trade,TradeMax will give you a warning on washsale report.