Our software checks the option transaction and its strike price. If there is an option exercised/assigned and the underlying stock has buy/sell actions on the same day, the strike price matches stock purchase price, and quality matches, plus, there is no commission fee charged on stock transaction and option transaction, TradeMax will recognize it as option assigned/exercised. TradeMax will  also adjust the option cost into the underlying stock cost basis.

In some cases,when the broker’s stock purchase dates are not the same as option exercised dates,TradeMax will not adjust the cost basis to stock.

2393    CHLN    Stock    1:1            CHLN        11/20/2009 Long   YQO-KZ exercised @ 11/20/2009    1000    $2.50    $2.50    $2.50    $0.00        $0.00    $-2500.00    $-2500.00
2390    YQO-KZ    STK Call Option    1:100       11/21/2009
Exercised    YQO-KZ exercised @ 11/20/2009    10
You should adjust option Exercised  day to 11/20/2009