This value(1099 Gross Sales) allows you to reconcile the Total Sales amount in TradeMax to your brokerage provided 1099-B Gross Sales amount and shows any necessary adjustments to the TradeMax Total Sales such as for open short sales and option sales.

  1. After you download the price of the security in a set time range, select the specific finance year (.i.e. FY2006) under the selected account,then click Trade Data& Report < Add Report < Daily Account Value.
  2. The Daily Account Value option will automatically add to the sub-menu under Trade Data & Report.
  3. In Daily Account Report,there will a lot of Statistics information under chart report.
    Include 1099 Gross sales Value,short open position total sales,
    Short Term Total Sales,Long Term Total Sales
    Start Date Market Value,End Date Market Value,Max Account Value Drop Down
    Realized Total profit,Average Profit per trade
    Realized Total Loss,Average loss per trade
    Realized net profit,Average net Profit per trade
    Mark to Market Total profit(loss),Mark to Market Average Profit(loss) per trade