Q:I come from a country where forex is treated the same as stocks for realized gains purposes.

I have not been able to find a way to include forex trades in the Realized Gain/Loss Report.Is there any way to do it in TradeMax?

A:In TradeMax, Forex trade should be reported on Sect.1256 Report( Mark to Market as default)

You also can use blacklist function add the forex data to the realized gain/loss report.

  1. Click Options button, and select Black List tab,  the following dialog box is displayed:

In “filter” dropdown-list select the “Realized Gain/Loss report”,remove the “Forex”,””Forex Future”  from the blacklist

Click the “ok” button,

In general tab,click “clear report cache” button

Now you can check your Realized Gain/Loss Report.Forex data is included in the report