TradeMax® is a trade accounting software for day trading.It designed for active trader for its great capacity to support unlimited number of trades(stock,future,options,bonds, Commodities, Fund, Currency), also breezes normal traders with its function to auto-generate various reports from several accounts.

TradeMax 2013 supports more brokerage accounts than 2012, especially those popular brokers from which trade data can be directly imported. TradeMax also provides multiple easy and convenient options for users to import their trade data into TradeMax, users can either import trade data from local file(*.xls,*.csv,*.txt) or import directly from online brokers, or just copy the transaction history from the brokerage then paste to TradeMax’s clipboard

As your transactions are imported, profit and loss of each trade is automatically calculated for the entire year for day trader. Neutral Trend’s TradeMax® 2013 provides you with a powerful filter function to filter your trade data. It also allows user to add   various reports in TradeMax

TradeMax 2013 provides users with easy steps to generate Daily Account/Portfolio Value Chart Report or Mark to Market Gains & Losses Pie report for the purpose of better investing , Daily Account Value chart report helps you to compare your current Account Value with other index(DowJones,S&P500) and analyze trade performance based on the detailed information on daily basis, while the Gains & Losses Pie reports give you a concise or summarized information about the gains or losses of selected securities during a specific fiscal year or a set time period.

TradeMax® 2013 processes corporate events that affect cost basis or Capital Gains Tax for the Schedule D(Form 1040) and keeps track of cost basis adjustments due to corporate actions like splitsspin-offs, and mergers. By using this feature, investors can view all of their transactions that have occurred in this particular symbol such as Return of capital, Reinvested Income and Dividend paid on Short Sales which will provide them with the facility to conduct transactions more accurately and adjust their trade for tax purpose by maintaining the trade history.