Most of the new features in version 2010 relate to expanded corprate event module and option cost basis auto adjustment and Reporting capability, especially when it comes to tax reporting.  There currently is no other trader tax software that comes even close.

Feature: Benefit:
Intelligent Option Cost Basis Adjustment Auto- detecting Assigned, exercised and expired option, also defers cost to corresponding shares with its Option Adjustment function.
Comprehensive Corporate Events Module keep track of cost basis adjustments due to corporate actions like splits, spin-offs, and mergers. By using this feature, investors can view all of their transactions that have occurred in this particular symbol such as Return of capital, Reinvested Income and Dividend paid on Short Sales which provide you with the facility to conduct transactions more accurately and adjust your trade for tax purpose by maintaining the trade history.
Powerful Forex Rates Wizard Auto-convert the transactions under Non-USD currency into USD figures using downloaded Forex Rates
Price History Module tracking the price history of the security you downloaded and generate unrealized gain/loss report
support online borker Download data from broker server with one click