TradeMax™ Ver 2011, inheriting the features of version 2010, perfects its functions by expanding its Graphical Reporting module, Import Wizard Module and Multiple currency Accounting capability.


  • Comprehensive Import Module —TradeMax 2011 supports more brokerage accounts than 2010, especially those popular brokers from which trade data can be directly imported. TradeMax also provide multiple easy and convenient options for users to import your trade data into TradeMax, users can either import trade data from local file or import directly from online brokers, or just copy the transaction history from the brokerage then paste to TradeMax’s clipboard.


  • Multiple currency Accounting— For active traders who traded in multiple currencies, the cash balance and account value calculation must be a tough and tedious chore, TradeMax’s Multiple currency Accounting feature solve this dilemma based on the latest downloaded exchange rate, so that users can track the trade performance from instant to instant.


  • Daily Graphical Reporting —TradeMax 2011 provides users with easy steps to generate Daily Account/Portfolio Value Chart Report or Mark to Market Gains & Losses Pie report for the purpose of better investment , Daily Account Value chart report helps the users compare your current Account Value with other index(DowJones,S&P500) and analyze trade performance based on the detailed information on daily basis, while the Gains & Losses Pie reports give the users a total or summary information about the gains or losses of selected securities during a specific fiscal year or a set time period.