This guide provides detailed instructions on every function within TradeMax. We suggest that you first review the Quick Start guide and the Tutorial lessons to get started quickly as possible. Then use this guide to get further details on the individual function you need help with.

Detailed instructions for importing from your particular online broker can be found by clicking on the appropriate broker import guide at the right side of this page.

The Grid is the main section where users are able to view and interact with their trade transactions.

  • All trades are matched and grouped by trade number (TrNum). To help the user distinguish one group of trades from another, shading alternates between white and green.
  • The current record is indicated by an icon in the small gray box to the far left of the record. The icon will look similar to a small triangle.
  • Columns can be resized by the user by positioning the mouse cursor over the line between the columns in the column header row, holding down the left mouse button and dragging the line to the desired location.
  • Records can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on any column header. For example, to sort by price in ascending order, click on the word Price in the column header once. To sort in descending order, click on the word twice.
  • The scroll bar (at far right) can be used to scroll the display up or down.
  • Keyboard shortcuts also can be used to quickly scroll up or down as follows:
    • <Up Arrow> and <Down Arrow> keys move one record at a time.
    • <PageUp> and <PageDown> keys move one whole page at a time.
    • <Ctrl-End> moves to the very end of the file.
    • <Ctrl-Home> moves to the very beginning of the file.
  • Single records may be selected by single-left-clicking with your mouse on any cell in that record (row). Double-left-clicking on any row will isolate the entire trade number in the grid