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Back Up Data File

To backup a data file, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Run the TradeMax and go to Account.

Stpe 2: Choose Backup button on the Trade Tab , a dialog box will pop up.

Step 3: The popup dialog box allows you to enter the Backup information.

Password Enter Password to discourage unauthorized access to your data file.
Pwd Check Renter the Password.
Save file Click the save file button to select the backup folder and file name.

Step 4: Click the button to finish the backup process.

Column Headers

The headers on the columns in the grid have the following meanings.

Column Header Meaning
Action Action name in TradeMax.
Buy to Open / Long — Buy Stock/Option to Open a Long position
Sell to Close/ Closed Long— Sell Stock/Option to Close a Long position
Buy to Close — Buy Stock/Option to Close a Short position
Sell to Open — Sell Stock/Option to Open a Short position
dividend, Journal, stock merge etc.
ActionName Action name in your brokerage trade history.
For example, Buy, sell, dividend, Journal, stock merge etc.
Account Trade account in TradeMax
Amount Trade amount
Commission Trade broker commissions (Including fees)
DeferCost Deferloss produced by wash sales from last year
ExpireDate Expire date of option or future.
ID Trade ID in TradeMax.
Market Exchange market where you bought the financial product. For instance, NASDAQ.
Notes Any information of the trade record
Price Security price
Quantity Number of shares
Rate Option or future rate. An option has a 100 “Rate” which means an option contract is for 100 shares of the underlying stock.
StrikePrice The strike price of the underlying stock in the option or future
Symbol Security Ticker Symbol
TickerMatch The strike price of the underlying stock in the option or future
TradeDate Trade date
TradeTime Trade time
TradeMatch The amount of “Force-Match” for tax purpose.
Type Security type. For instance, stocks and mutual funds, options on stocks, Single-Stock-Futures, futures, currencies etc.

Combine Accounts

TradeMax provides you a powerful way to combine different accounts. For example, it allows you to combine your accounts from different brokers and combine the accounts between you and your relatives only if you setup the accounts in TradeMax.

Let’s take an example to show you how to combine accounts:

You want to combine the account ScoreTrade Jones and SogoTrade Rachel in the Account List.

  1. Right-click the item My Broker(s) in the Account List and select the Add View> Custom

  2. A Dialog box pop-up:

  3. Enter the name Jones & Rachel , use the Arrow button between the All account(s) list and the Select Account(s) list to select the combining accounts ScoreTrade Jones and SogoTrade Rachel into the Select Accounts box.
  4. Click the OK button and you will get the new combined account Jones & Rachel under the Account List like the following:

Edit an Account

TradeMax also allows you to edit an existing account with the following instruction:

  1. Right-click the account you want to edit (for example, ScoreTrade Jones) and select the Edit Account from its context menu:
  2. A pop-up window will appears:
  3. Edit the information. This box is almost the same as the box in the setup a new account, and you can learn more in the setup a new account.

Delete an Account

TradeMax allows you to setup an account, combine accounts and it also allows you to delete a specific account.

  1. Right click a specific account ( for example, ScoreTrade Jones) and select Delete Account in the context menu.

  2. pop up the following dialog box

  3. Type in delete to delete the account.

    Note: Delete an account will delete all data in that account.

Display Holding Positions

To display your holding positions in a specific date:

  1. Click My Holdings under the Account List
  2. A Position box will pop up

  3. Select your position holding date

    Learn more about: How to select a date

  4. Click OK to display the holding positions

    The positions contains two parts: Open Position and WashSale Defer Position

    Learn more about: Open Long, Open Short

Add View

Trade Max provides you with powerful functions to filter your trade by adding different views. You just need to right-click on a specific item in the Account List and select the Add View function in the context menu.

You can

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