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Download Data From Scottrade

To download data file from Scottrade:

  1. Log in your  Scottrade account .

  1. Click on the My Account Tab and select Account History and Transactions
  2. (Transactions are default option).

  3. Scottrade provides you with two options to filter your Trade data for downloading data under specific condition.
  4. Basic Function
    1. Date Scottrade provides six options to choose from.Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, All available.It’s a shortcut for users to select the data in that period.
    2. Transactions If you want to download the data in specific transaction type, you can choose one specific transaction type from its drop down list.
    3. Symbol Manually enter the specific symbol name.
    4. Select Date Range If you want to download the trade data in specific time range, you can click this tab to select date range.
    5. Download File There are two options : Comma Delimited (CSV), Quick/Money.You can select data file format accordingly from the dropdown list.

    One Option: Download the data by choosing Date, Transaction, symbol.

    Two Option: Specific date range by selecting a Start Date and End Date

  5. Select Comma Delimited (CSV) in the Download File drop down box and then click the GO button.
  6. It will land on another page there left click Trade History Records option.Attention: This window will popup only when your ad blocker and popup blocker is disabled
  7. File Download dialog box will popup

  1. Press Save and specific file location to save the report csv file to your computer.
  2. Your downloaded file must be in this format as shown below, otherwise, you should set your profile in profile wizard dialog box to import your data into TradeMax.

    If you find the your downloaded file format is different from the above formats, you should set your profile in Profile Wizard.

  3. Run TradeMax, and click Scottrade account to import trade activity data from local file.

Download Data From SogoTrade

Sogotrade provides you two methods to download your trade records to your computer:

To download an entire year trade data with monthly statements:

  1. Go to the SogoTrade website, log into your account and click the Accounts tab and then click the Statements
  2. On the Account Statements page, please select your statement periods to view list of available statements.
  3. Click on the specific statements link, and choose “Save to Disk” to save the statements to your hard disk or other storage medium.
  4. Download the statements of an entire year month by month.Note:Since TradeMax cannot support PDF, you need to transfer the PDF to TXT format as follows: Open the statements in your disk with Adobe Acrobat Reader and copy it to the Notepad and saved as TXT files.
    1. You should find the “Trade Activity” table in your PDF file.
    2. Select your trade data from Trade Activity’s column header to page end.
    3. Then copy & paste it into your empty Notepad. TXT format data must be in this format as shown below:Note:Do not include the PDF page footer like “page 4”. If have next page,copy & paste the next page’s trade data in the same way.
  5. Run TradeMax,create a new SogoTrade account,and select the account.
  6. Click import trade button, select import from local file.
  7. In Profile Name dropdown list,please select profile [sogotrade trade activity(monthly)].
  8. In import file field,click the browse button to select the txt file which copy from your pdf.
  9. Click Finish to complete your importing.

To download Account History within three month to update your trade data

  1. Go to the SogoTrade website, log into your account and click the Accounts tab and then click the Account History
  2. On the Confirmed Account History page, please select Time Range and Type to view your account history
  3. Using your web browser’s Edit menu, Select All (Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut) command to select and copy the entire report to notepad and MS Excell. And then save it to your computer.
  4. TXT file data must be in this format as shown below:If your downloaded file is different from the above format, you can set it in Profile Wizard
  5. Run TradeMax to import trade activity data from local file.
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