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Does TradeMax handle multiple currencies across multiple portfolios and accounts ?

I am a Non-USD trader who is managing 5-6 accounts for my family and I trade Equities, Options, Futures etc. Does TradeMax handle multiple currencies across multiple portfolios and accounts?

TradeMax supports individual view and combined views, which mean you can setup different accounts to import your data files from different brokers to calculate your capital gains. TradeMax also supports combining different accounts into a new view, with the function, you can handle all of your trade data in a combined account.
As for foreign currencies, TradeMax supports the following foreign currencies such as EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, HKD, GBP, CHF. After you import your trade data into TradeMax, TradeMax supports running various reports for tax purpose with your base currency.

Download Data from Assent LLC

To download data file from Assent LLC:

  1. Log into your Assent LLC account.
  2. Select Customer Accounts then click Clearance Activity
  3. Select your account from the drop-down-list and enter a date , then click the Clearance Activity button:
  4. A web based html trade report will be generated,You can select trade data in the HTML table with column header.
  5. Copy the report data to a Excel document and save it as XLS file.
  6. Run TradeMax , Select Assent Account to import trade activity data from local file. Click the Next Button
  7. In Profile Name Dropdown list,Please select Profile Wizard(*.xls).
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