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Edit Symbol

To apply changes to all trade records with the same symbol, TradeMax provides users Edit Symbol function.

With this function, users can edit Symbol Name, Underlying Stock, Type, Rate, Strike Price, Expire Date, Exchange Market, Rates.

Edit Symbol in the Trade Data View

  1. Click the Trade Data view in the Account List to go to the Trade Data View
  2. Click the row header to select the specific trade record
  3. Right-click the record and select the Trade Adjustment>Edit Symbol in the context menu
  4. The following dialog box will pop up:Learn more about: Symbol box parameter
  5. Edit specific parameter in the box and click OK. Pop up the following confirm box:
  6. Click on Yes to apply change to all trades or No to change the selected one only.

Edit Symbol in the Symbols View

  1. Click Symbols view under the Account List to go to the Symbol View
  2. Click the parameter cell to activate it and then edit it with you keyboard and mouse
  3. Pop up the following confirm box
  4. Click Yes to apply change to all trade records with the same symbol or No to change the selected one only.

Add View

Trade Max provides you with powerful functions to filter your trade by adding different views. You just need to right-click on a specific item in the Account List and select the Add View function in the context menu.

You can

Delete a View

TradeMax allows you to delete view easily.

Right-click on a specific view (for example, Jones & Rachel) under the broker tree and select Delete View function in the context menu to delete the view

Undo Trades Adjustment

Trade Max allows you to undo the last action and redo the previously undo action.

There are the following ways:

  1. Click the icon in the Quick Access Toolbar -OR-
  2. Click the Undo or Redo icon in the Trade Tab


  3. Right-click the data grid and select the trade undo or redo function from its context menu:


  4. Use the keybord shortcut to complete the job.
    Undo Undo the last action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Z/ALT + Backspace)
    Redo Redo the previously undo action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Y)



TXF Export

With TradeMax, you can export your gains and losses to popular tax software programs with the TXF Export.

The following illustration will provide you a step to step wizard to show you how to export your TXF file with the TXF Export function:

For example, you want to export the FY2008’s G & L Report to TXF file, you can do the following:

  1. Right click the folder FY2008 under the Trade Bar and select the TXF Export from its context menu:
  2. Following dialog box will pop up:
  3. Select the path to save your TXF file.
  4. Press Save button to finish the process. Now you can find your TXF file in your selected path.
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