Option 1: Import Trades from Brokerage Account

If the security trader holds online brokerage account, TradeMax provides an easy wizard to import trades from brokerage account.

  1. Select Import Trades from Brokerage Account from the pop-up dialog.
  2. Function Description
    Account Select an account to import your data
    Trade Range Automatically display the date range of existing trades in the current account
    Mode If you already have a user name and password of the selected account, select I want to connect to ***. I have a *** user name and password.
    If you have trade data in your computer, please select I want to import data from local file.
    If you want to skip the file download process, just select I want to import data copied from broker Transaction History Report.
    Include Baseline If you have already appended baseline position, you will need to select the checkbox and enter your specific tax year or select it with the arrows at the right side
  3. Click Next to make further changes in the settings.
  4. Function Description
    Your Online Broker Select your online broker from the dropdown list.
    User ID Manually enter your registered User ID
    Password Enter your password manually.
  5. Click Next Button to continue.
    • Online Accounts: If you have several subsidiary accounts under the main account, you can modify it or select it from the dropdown list.
    • Set the Start time and End time manually or select it from the drop down list, the trade data within this period will be downloaded. Then click Next to Step 2.