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Back Up and Restore

TradeMax can backup and restore your data files, the following will tell you :

Back Up Data File

To backup a data file, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Run the TradeMax and go to Account.

Stpe 2: Choose Backup button on the Trade Tab , a dialog box will pop up.

Step 3: The popup dialog box allows you to enter the Backup information.

Password Enter Password to discourage unauthorized access to your data file.
Pwd Check Renter the Password.
Save file Click the save file button to select the backup folder and file name.

Step 4: Click the button to finish the backup process.

I can’t find my data files.

TradeMax® program files and user-created data files are auto-saved in different directories in a user’s computer.

  • The default location for TradeMax® set-up and program files is “c:\program files\trademax“, unless the user has specified these files to another directory during the TradeMax installation process.
  • The default location for data files created by the user is “my documents\trademax

NOTE: The location of program and data files may vary depending on the configuration of a user’s computer. For example, data files may be saved in “c:\documents and settings\user name\my documents\trademax” or another location.

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