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I can’t find my data files.

TradeMax® program files and user-created data files are auto-saved in different directories in a user’s computer.

  • The default location for TradeMax® set-up and program files is “c:\program files\trademax“, unless the user has specified these files to another directory during the TradeMax installation process.
  • The default location for data files created by the user is “my documents\trademax

NOTE: The location of program and data files may vary depending on the configuration of a user’s computer. For example, data files may be saved in “c:\documents and settings\user name\my documents\trademax” or another location.

Download Data From eRegal Securities

To download data file from eRegal Securities:

  1. Log to your trading account.

  2. Click the Account Information then select Activity.

  3. Select Trades from the “Activity Type” drop down box.
  4. Unselect the Current check box and set the time range.
  5. After your Trade History report displays, click Download Data. Your reports should contain the right columns as below:

    Account Type | Trade Date | Settle Date | Exec Time | Trade Number | CUSIP/Symbol | ISIN | Description | Buy/Sell | Qy | Price | Principal Amt | Comm | Other Comm | Net Amount | Curr

  6. Select Delimited text file and Comma delimited and then click the Download now button.

  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Run TradeMax to import trade activity data from local file .


Option Dialog box provides the users with possible setting for TradeMax , the users can set different preference for account according to their requirement in General option , filter some unwanted information when running specific reports in Black list option, set your own washsale calculation rule to apply to your own wash sale scenarios in Wash Sale option.

The following wizard will tell you how to make your own settings based on your needs in different options.

  1. Click main button , and a main menu opens:
  2. Click Options button, the following dialog box displays:

General Tab Users can set the basic setting and possible preference after clicking General Tab. This is the default option.
Wash sale Tab Set your own calculation rule for your transactions by clicking Wash Sale Tab.
Black List Tab TradeMax provides you with Black List to filter some information of various reports. With this feature, you can choose to display the information you want by selecting transaction type or Security Ticker to generate the specific report.
Avg Basis Tab TradeMax allow you use Average Basis Method For Mutual Fund Cost Basis Calculating. With this feature, You can figure your gain or loss using an average basis only if you acquired the funds at various times and prices.
Name Enter your name, the name will display in your generated reports
SSN Enter your Social Security Number.
Turn Automatic LiveUpdata on (recommended) You can check the box on the left side to activate Live Update Function, and each time you run TradeMax, the automated Live update dialog box will pop up.
Automatically Scan for Trades You can check the box on the left side to activate Auto Scan function, TradeMax will auto scan your imported transaction.
Exercised / Assigned security ‘s buy/ sell price must be the same as strike price of option You can check the box on the left side to activate the function, TradeMax will auto-match your Exercised/ Assigned securities’ Buy/Sell price with the strike price of option.
Auto Expire unexercised / unassigned options at 0 price on Expiration Date You can check the box on the left side to activate the function, TradeMax will auto expire unexercised/ unassigned options at 0 price on expiration date.
Auto Assigned / Exercised Option to Stock after Split / Reserve Split Event You can check the box on the left side to activate the function, TradeMax will auto assigned / exercised option to stock after split / reserve split event.
Transaction Amount Tolerance Value You can enter a transaction tolerance value to allow transactions to exceed amount within certain tolerances.TradeMax follow the calculation as the formula : Amount = Price * Quantity + Commision , if your abs(Amount – Price * Quantity – Commision)>tolerance value, trademax will give you a warning message.
Long Term Capital Gain Holding Period The default long term capital gain holding period is One year.
Tax Currency The default Tax currency is USD.
Clear Report Cache Every time you run reports in TradeMax, the database will leave report cache which sync the change of the report data . If your report data cache occupies too much space , you can click this button to clear Report Cache. Your report cache will be cleared, but the new report cache will be generated when you run reports once more.
Database Path Click to view your database path.


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