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Ribbon Tabs

The Ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the tools and commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups that are collected together under specific tabs.

Trade Tab

Basic Function
Actions Group Import Import trade history
Append Append a trade or a symbol
Edit Edit your trade records
Delete Delete selected trade records
Price Download lastest Price for a symbol
Market Download Exchange Market for a symbol
Scan Scan the status of transactions in the current data grid and the concerned trades will be highlighted in red or green:
1.Red records indicate the error transaction:1) A Sale to Close, a Buy to Cover, and Exercise, Assign, Expire or Journal Out as the first transaction for any symbol; 2) Sequence error; 3) Missing/Inconsistent Data fileds by using Qty, Price, Commission, Fees and Rate information.
2.Green records indicate the closed transactions which closed (A Sale to Close, a Buy to Cover ) all your holding open position.
Save Save the trade record (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL + S)
Clipboard Group Copy Copy selected trade records (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL + C)
Paste Paste selected trade records to specific field (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL + V)
Undo Undo the last action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Z/ALT + Backspace)
Redo Redo the previously undo action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Y)
View Group Group By Box Press the Group By Box button to activate the Group By panel which is at the top of the data grid.It allows grouping data by single or multiple columns. You can either set grid column(s) that will be used for grouping, or enable Group By Box where grouped columns may be dropped at runtime
Field Chooser Press the Field Chooser button to activate the Field Chooser box floating above the data grid.The built-in Filed Chooser provides a simple and efficient way to organize the grid layout: you can drag and drop the column header to the chooser from the grid header. You can also drag any required field from the chooser and drop it either on the grid header, or on the group box.
Outlook Bar Hide or display the Account List
Column Auto-Resize Allow TradeMax to automatically resize columns in the data grid.
Help Button Click it to get Help Document.( Keyboard Shortcuts: F1)


Calendar Tabs

Basic Function





The main function of symbol grid is to show you the relationship between a option and a stock. It will display relationship automatically after you import your trades into TradeMax. In addition, you can also append a specific symbol as you wish.

Click the item Symbols under the Account List on the left of the main windows, the grid below shows:

Basic Function
1. Group By Box Drag a column deaders here to group by that column
2.Symbol Grid Symbol Grid is the main section where users are able to view and interact with their symbols
3. Quick Access Bar Click one alphabet button to go to the specific trades beginning with the specific alphabet.

Under the Symbol, you can also do the following if it needs.

    • Click Append button in Trade tab
    • A popup dialog box allows you to record Symbol below:
      Option Basic Function
      Symbol Name Type in symbol’s name
      Underlying Stock Type in your underlying stock’s name of the symbol. If it is not an option, you can skip this field.
      Rate An option has a 100 ” Rate “ which means an option contract is for 100 shares of the underlying stock.
      Type From its dropdown list to select the type of the financial product.
      Strike Price Only available when the symbol is an option or future.
      Expire Date Only available when the symbol is an option or future.
      Exchange Market Type in the exchange market where you bought the financial product. For instance,NASDAQ
      Notes Any information of the product.
  1. Append a Symbol

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