1) On the NinjaTrader Control Center, select the “Account Performance” tab.

To generate a performance report:


1. Select the From and To date range for the report
2. Select the Mode for the performance data to be displayed in. The options are Percent, Currency, Points.
3. Click the “Advanced >>” button if you wish to filter your listed trades by either of the following categories: Account, Instrument, ATM Strategy, Data Provider, or Market Type.

4. To get the ATM style trade listing, (averaging your prices for up to three entry and exits) tick the check-box labeled “Group trades by ATM Strategy“.

5. Click “Generate“. Your trade data will now be displayed in the Account Performance tabs (Summary, Graphs, Executions, Trades, Periods, Orders, Journal).

To export your trades:

  1. Click on the “Trades” tab
  2. If not already set, ensure that all columns are displayed by right clicking on the column headings, selecting Grid -> Properties, and ticking all check-boxes. Click OK.
  3. Right click on any of the trade data boxes.
  4. Select Grid -> Export to Excel
  5. Excel will open with the data entered in a new worksheet. Use Save As to store the data on your hard-drive.
TradeMax built-profile now support the NinjaTrader’s TradeReport.xls and Executions.xls
To import NinjaTrader xls files,please use following step
1.Create an account(NinjaTrader) in TradeMax Database.
2.Select the account,right click the mouse,select “Import”-> “import trade” from the menu
3.In import wizard dialog box,select “Import from local file”
4.In profile name dropdown list,select the profile name(Executions“,Trades Report “,”Order Report”)
Report should like follow xls file templet
5.Browse the xls file the Next button to continue

If you want to calculate future gain&loss,you should use “Mark to Market Form 4797” report to view your Sect.1256 future’s Gain & Loss.

Or remove the  Sect.1256 future’s in the Short/Long term Gain/Loss report blacklist.