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Export trade data from 1 account to another

Q:How do I export the baseline or trade data  from 1 account in 1 file to an account in another file?

For example you want to transfer fy2013’s baseline to another tmx file

A)Export trade data from one account
You can select your broker tree view,goto fy2013->baseline view,right click the mouse.
In context menu select “export trades as csv file”,
Select target folder and input filename to create your filename.csv
export trades as csv file

export trade data as csv file

B)Import trade data from trademax csv file
Open another tmx file,

Goto the new broker’s fy2013,right click the menu
for baseline import use “import baseline”  function.
for normal trade use “import trade” function
Select import->import baseline or import trade function
In import dialog box select import from local file,then select the filename.csv
TradeMax will auto detect the csv file to import.

Import Previous Year Holding Position

Import Baseline

TradeMax provides you the facility to import Previous Year Holding Position. You can import baseline from last December’s Statement,Such as Quicken Statement(Qif,Qfx type),Ofx format file or XLS, CSV,Text which include Baseline files etc.The importing process is also a profile setting-up process. It provides you with a wizard to filter the useful trade data, match the data, and then generate a TradeMax data format for the following tax purpose calculation.


  1. The file could have one of the following type extension: *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.qif, *ofx, *.qfx, *tdf.
  2. You should select last December’s QFX or TLF data file to import baseline trade data.

Let us take AB Watlry for example:

  1. Click Import button and select Import Baseline.
  2. Select I want to import data from local file from the pop-up dialog.
  3. Function Description
    Account Select an account to import your data
    Trade Time Range Automatically display the date range of existing trades in the current account
    If you have trade data in your computer, please select I want to import data from local file.
    If you want to skip the file downloaded process, just select I want to import data copied from broker Transaction History Report.
    Include Baseline If you have already appended baseline position, you will need to select the checkbox and enter your specific tax year or select it with the arrows at the right side
  4. Click File Browser Button to select data file from your computer and then click Next Button to continue.
  5. Function Description
    Profile Name Preset import profiles for importing trade data. With the default profile, you can skip Step 2, Step 4 and Step 5

    Profiles Options:
    1.Profile Wizard: Setup a temporary profile or replace it with specific one to setup a new profile which can be re-used to import a similar file.
    2.File Profile: Quicken Interchange Format(*.QIF), Interactive Brokers TDF Format(*.TDF), Open Financial Exchange(*.OFX), *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.qfx.

    Default is : Profile Wizard

    Import File Click Browser File Button to select data file from your computer.
    Note: If you select last December’s QFX,QIF or TLF data file,you should select correct profile from the profile dropdown list.
  6. Click Next to pop up Map Field dialog box.
  7. In this step, you can map your data by assigning or mapping the column header. (With the File Profile, this step will be skipped.)

  8. Click Next to pop up Symbol Validation dialog box.
  9. More Detail,please check import from local file.
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