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Download Trade History From tradeMONSTER

The tradeMONSTER Account History section allows you to review a live transaction history of your account. You may view an aggregate list of transactions or filter transactions by type or symbol.  Data can be exported to a CSV file.

First,login your tradeMONSTER Account,then from Account menu, click History button.

Explanation of Details

  1. Select Transaction Type

    Select to view All transaction types or select a particular type.

  2. Select Symbol Parameters

    Select All symbols or Custom. Custom allows you to enter a symbol and all trades associated with that symbol and any options will be displayed.

  3. Time Range

    Select the time range for which to view the Account History.  Choose between “Today”, “This week”, “This Month”, or a particular date or a date range across months.

  4. Menu button

    Click to invoke the Menu for the Account History Overview.

  5. Edit Cost Basis

    Click to edit the cost basis of any transferred positions.

  6. Export

    Export screen trade history data to a CSV file for saving and/or manipulating in Excel.

    Click the Save button in another pop-up File Download dialog box.

Run TradeMax® , click tradeMONSTER Account to import trade activity data from local file.

Note: You should select tradeMONSTER *.csv, *.txt as your profile name during the importing process.

Download Data From Ameritrade

To download data file from Ameritrade:

  1. Log into your TD Ameritrade Account.

  2. Click Portfolio & Accounts > History & Statements.

  3. Select or enter the specific date range, then click the Download button.

  4. Click the Save button in the pop up File Download box. Note: Don’t click the Open button, the downloaded file will open in web browser.

  5. Save your file in specific file folder in your hard drive, and your CSV file data must be in this format as shown below:

    Transaction ID
    Sales Fee Short-Term RDM FEE Fund Defered Sale Charge
    Bought 10
    HKU Mar

    If you find the your downloaded file format is different from the above formats, you should set your profile in Profile Wizard.

  6. Run TradeMax® , click Ameritrade Account to import trade activity data from local file.Note: You should select Aemritrade *.csv, *.txt as your profile name during the importing process.

Download Data From Vanguard

To download data file from Vanguard:

  1. Go to the Vanguard web site and log in to your account.
  2. Click on My Portfolio, Accounts & Activity.
  3. Click on the Download transactions link at the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Select a From and To date range for your report.
  5. Under Choose account(s), it will display all your accounts, you just need to select the account you need.

    Note: Please do not select more than one account.

  6. Click the Download spreadsheet link at the bottom of the page.
  7. Save the CSV file to your specific folder.

    Please do NOT open the csv file with Excel. Opening the csv file and then saving it will change the original format of the data file.

  8. Run TradeMax to import trade activity data from local file.
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