To download data file from Penson Financial:

  1. Login your Penson Financial account.

  2. Click Account Information > Trade Activity.

  3. Set specific time range and click Go button.
  4. After your Trade History report displays, your report should contain the right columns as shown below:Account Type | Trade Date | Settle Date | Exec Time | Trade Number | CUSIP/Symbol | ISIN | Description | Buy/Sell | Qy | Price | Principal Amt | Comm | Other Comm | Net Amount | Curr
  5. Click Download Data icon.

  6. Select Delimited text file and Comma delimited and then click the Download now button.
  7. Press Save to save the report as txt file.
  8. Your downloaded TXT file must be in this format as shown below, otherwise, you should set your profile in profile wizard dialog box to import your data into TradeMax.

    If you find the downloaded file format is different from the above formats, you should set your profile in Profile Wizard.

  9. Run TradeMax to import trade activity data from local file.