Mark to Market Gain and Loss Pie Report

Mark to Market Gain and Loss Pie Report – This report is for those users who want to calculate mark to market trading performance for each security and track the gains and losses for a fiscal year or a date range after electing mark to market accounting. With this report, users also can quickly view the performance of securities and draw conclusion based on the demonstrated information so as to make better investment strategies.

If you made the mark-to-market election, you should report all gains and losses from trading as ordinary gains and losses. In that case, securities held at the end of the year in your business as a trader are marked to market by treating them as if they were sold (and reacquired) for fair market value on the last business day of the year.

    Mark to Market Gain and Loss Pie Report is divided into three parts:

    • The

      Mark to Market

      Gain and Loss Pie Chart – Display

      mark to market

      gain and Loss of specific security and its percentage and proportion in total value.

    • The Bar Chart – Display total mark to market value of gains, losses, withdraw, deposit of the selected securities within a fixed period of time.
    • The Summary Information- Display the total mark to market trading quantities, total and average profit/loss , total and average net gains.
  1. The Mark to Market

    Gain and Loss Pie Charts

  2. The pie chart is divided by several radii into sectors in which relative areas indicated by different colors represent the corresponding data percentage and proportion of single security. When the users move the mouse into one segment of the pie chart, TradeMax will auto-demonstrate the information of the specific security. For example: (Google,48.38%,29,041,00 of 60,022,00 which separately indicates the security name, the percentage, and proportion of its total value).


  3. The Bar Chart
  4. The Bar Chart compromises an axis which indicate the value based on the unit-thousand and a series of labeled horizontal relatively represent its Gains, Loss, auto calculated by TradeMax and each vertical bar will show different values . So the users can find it very easy to compare the data and quickly make good investment strategies.


  5. Summary Information of the report
  6. In this part, TradeMax will show users the total trading quantities, total and average profit/loss , total average net gains and total commissions within a set time period, so the users who bother to view the charts can also find the summary information of your trade performance here.