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Vanguard Import Instructions:

There are two different methods to importing your trade history from Vanguard into TradeMax (select a method for detailed instructions):

Scan Trade Status

After you import the trade data into TradeMax, some trades will be displayed in Red or Green, we can use function Scan to scan the trade status so as to view the detailed information of these Red or Green trades in Information Grid. The following will tell you how to scan trade status in TradeMax :

  1. Click the Information Tab at the down-left corner of user interface of TradeMax.
  2. The Information Grid will extend, then click Scan Tab in Information Grid or just click Scan Tab in Trade Panel to display detailed information of unmatched Trades.
  3. Function Description
    1. Red Records Red records indicate the error transaction:

    a.If there is no position on hold, a close action(Sale to Close, Buy to Cover) will generate errors.

    b.when option exercised or assigned, the strike price of the option didn’t match the underlying stock trade price.

    c. When option exercised or assigned, the quantity of the option didn’t match the underlying stock trade quantity..

    d. When the option expired, the close price is not zero.

    e. Missing/Inconsistent Data fields by using Qty, Price, Commission, Fees and Rate information.

    2. Green Record Green records indicate that the closed transactions (A Sale to Close, a Buy to Cover ) close all your holding open position.
    3. Information Grid Information Grid display error trades after scanning.

    Error Trades may caused by the wrong action , quantity, sequence of the trade.

    Note: You should manually adjust the action , quantity, sequence of the trade to correct these errors.

    4. Scan You can click the Scan button to scan inaccurate trade status.
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