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Print Setup

With TradeMax, you can print your data grid, report and calendar with the following options in the Quick Access Bar.


In this section, we will provide you a step-by-step wizard to setup a print.

  1. Click the arrow at the right of the Print button in the Quick Access Bar
  2. Select the Print Setup in the dropdown menu

  3. A dialog box shows:

  4. Choose the Pinter, Printing Paper and Orientation . If you want to print your files with the Printer in the Network, you can press the button Network… and fill the following dialog box.




Print a Data Grid

TradeMax allows you to print your data gird if you want. The follows provides a step-by-step wizard:
  1. Print Preview

    With it, you can adjust your printing data file before printing.

    • Click button Print Preview in the Quick Access Bar
    • Come with the Preview Window.

      Use the tool in the Quick Tool Panel.

      The Print Setup button used to adjust the Pinter, Printing Paper and Orientation

    • Press the Close button to close the preview
  2. Print
    • Click the button Print in the Quick Access Bar
    • A dialog box will pop-up:

    • Select the Printer, Print range and Copies.
    • Press OK to complete the process.




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