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Preset View

Section 1: Preset View

TradeMax provides the frequently-used view of the data grid. You can select one from the Preset View‘ dropdown list or skip it if you like.

Default Last selected Preset View
Tradesimple Display trade records with the frequently-used trade parameters
Tradefull Display trade records with the entire trade parameters
GroupbySymbol Provides you the data grid grouped by symbol
Checkaction Provides you a convenient way to check the Action and the ActionName by positioning together the two columns to the left of the data grid
Finance Display all cash flow trade records . Additionally, the data grid is grouped by Action.
Optiontrade Display all option related trade records
GroupByAction Provides you the data grid grouped by Action



  • The data grid is grouped by TradeDate by default.
  • If you customize the appearance of data grid manually and can’t find some column headers, you can get back your entire column header by selecting the option TradeFull in the Preset View or use Field Chooser function to drag column header back.




Add a Preset View

The following will show you how to add a view which already exists in the context menu, for a different purpose, you can add a preset view under Broker name orspecific Financial Year.

  1. Right- click on the specific Broker name (e.g AB Watley) and select specific view from the dropdown list.
  2. A Trade View Dialog box pops up.
  3. Right-click on the specific Broker name (e.g AB Watley) and select specific view (e.g FY2008)

You also can add a preset view under a Specifc Financial Year.  The Specific Financial Year contains the whole trade data and the baseline positions of the specific tax year and the trades executed in January of the following tax year.

If you want to view the special data under a Specific Financial Year (e.g FY2008 under Interactive Brokers Jones) , you can add a preset view under sSspecific Financial Year. The following will tell you how it works.

  1. Right-click on the specific item in the Account List (e.g. View FY2008 ) and select specific view.
  2. Here is the content of each view:

    Basic Function
    Stock Contains all Stock transactions
    Option Contains all Option. transactions
    Future Contains all Future transactions
    Currency Contains all Currency transactions
    Stock Option and SSF Contains all Stock Option and SSF transactions
    Baseline Contains the baseline positions of the current tax year
    Finance Data Contains the cash flow data, for example, cash dividends.
    Trade Data Contains all the trade data for the schedule D purpose
    My holdings Contains the holding position of specific date
    Custom Customized view
  3. You will get the view list under the FY2008 as follows:
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