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Free Registration Code of TradeMax 2010 Basic

Neutral Trend Inc. is pleased to announce that they will offer a free registration code of TradeMax® 2010 Basic edition to the fans of their twitter and Facebook to commemorate their 3rd anniversary of TradeMax brand launching.

“This will be the first free Wash Sale software which generates Schedule D form in the market.” Neutral Trend said. “We noticed when the tax season is coming, many users consume tremendous time to prepare Schedule D form, especially there are Wash Sale trades involved. We are trying to help.”

TradeMax®, a brand launched 2 years ago, is a full featured tax software specially designed for active traders to manage their portfolios who have single or multiple accounts. It also provides normal traders with features to auto-generate a Schedule D or Mark to Market Form 4797 within seconds. With TradeMax®, users can easily track portfolio performance and adjust cost for stock positions with CALL/ PUT options (including the new 21-character OIS symbol) assigned or exercised. TradeMax® can also handles corporate events to calculate cost basis compliant with Wash Sale rules.

“Wash Sale Software normally costs from $50 to $200, we will give out TradeMax 2010 Basic edition registration code, a $69 value, free for a limited time. This offer will expire on September 12th , while supplies last.” Neutral Trend said. “A little effort needed to get our free registration code. The registration code will be announced using Twitter under user ID “itrademax”, and on Facebook using ID “trademax” Neutral Trend iTrademax”. For those don’t have Twitter or Facebook access, we will soon release a Youtube clip with a registration code embedded.” Youtube clip can be searched using keyword “TradeMax”.
——-This offer will expire on September 12th 2010 ———————

“TradeMax® is a feature-rich software and it is very easy to use. We encourage user to review our flash demo at, User can access our online tutorial section at Registered user also receives unlimited time technical support, our team can be contacted to guide user through learning curve.” Neutral Trend emphasized. “Our developing team is working on adding a Option Analysis module, a function might costs a few thousands if buying other software. This feature is scheduled to be released in later this year.”

Neutral Trend Inc devotes to tailor TradeMax to better cater for the needs of active traders, any feedbacks are appreciated!

The key features of TradeMax® 2010 Basic edtion include the following:

  • Track your trade
  • Record various corporate events such as stock split, merge, spinoff, reinvested capital
  • Auto-detect assigned, exercised and expired option, defer cost to corresponding shares
  • Auto-identify 21-character new OIS option symbol
  • Auto-convert the foreign transaction (Non-USD) into USD figures
  • Download price history of securities for your comparing.
  • Monitor your capital gain easily
  • Setup and Combine different accounts to monitor your capital gains
  • Filter items you don’t want in Black list
  • Run various reports (Up to 13) to monitor your capital gains and losses.
  • Calculate various complicated Wash Sale scenarios accurately.
  • Prepare schedule D
  • Support importing trade data from most common-used brokers directly or the downloaded data in various formats.
  • Use strict FIFO trade matching as a default method
  • Force-Match specific trade transactions
  • Assign short trade, convert short / long position
  • Basic Edition Support 200 transaction records per year.

All TradeMax® 2010 products are available today

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Download Security Price History

With this function, you can download holding security prices from the Internet that you track in TradeMax, view the price history to monitor the performance of the securities in a certain period of time, which help you to invest better.

TradeMax will download single security’s price or several securities’ prices in a specific period of time.

  1. In Security View, click the Price button in Ribbon field.
    • Download Selected– TradeMax will download the price of the selected securities (you have to select the securities to activate this option first)
    • Download All– TradeMax will download the price of all securities in trade grid
  2. Learn more about: How to select trade records.

  3. A dialog box pops up, and then click Download button to continue the process, the price of the symbol will be downloaded.Note: If you “Skip Future & Option Price Downloading” checkbox is activated, TradeMax will skip download Future and Option Price.

    1.Begin date & End date You can choose the date from the dropdown calendar or manually enter the date
    2.Symbol The security name you selected in previous step.
    3.Date It will display the current day when you download the price of the symbol.
    4.Status It will display whether the symbol’s price is successfully downloaded or not. There are three kinds of status: 1. Downloaded 2. Skip 3. Failed

    Note: TradeMax might not be able to get the price of some securities because the ticker symbol does not match yahoo symbol or option symbol does not have price history on yahoo finance.

    5.Open & Close The price of the selected symbols on current day.
    6. Edit You can click “edit” button to append price history.
  4. After downloading the price of the security, you can get the data of symbols’ price history.
    • Click on the Price History Tab , the above Price History Grid opens.
    • You can activate the checkbox to set the Begin Date and End Date .
    • Select the specific security record, and the dialog box will display the price history in the specific period. (For example, select PTEN , the Price History Grid displays the price history of PTEN from 09/02/2009 to 09/23/2009. )

Security Price History Tab

After downloading the price history of the holding security, TradeMax provides you a powerful function to Add, Edit and Delete the related record of the security in Price History Grid.

How to add a new price record?

If the price history of certain security you download is not complete or failed, you can manually add the price record so as to invest better.

  1. To add a new price record of specific security, you should right click the blank field in Price History Grid, then choose Add from the menu.
  2. A dialog box pops up:
  3. Function

    The specific security name

    2.Price Date You can set the price date from the dropdown calendar.
    3.Price Enter the price of the security you want to add
  4. After Pressing OK button, the new record outlined in red is generated in the grid.

How to edit price record?

If the price of specific security is incorrect, you can edit the price to get more useful information.

  1. To edit price of a specific security, you should select the price record you want to edit.
  2. Right click on the selected record, then choose Edit from the list.
  3. A dialog box pops up:
  4. Function

    The specific security name

    2.Price Date The default date of the selected security.
    3.Price Enter the correct price of the security you want to add
  5. After Pressing OK button, the new record outlined in red generates in the grid.

How to delete price record?

If one or several price records of your price history are useless, you can delete the price record with several clicks.

  1. To delete a price record of a specific security, you should select the record you want to delete.
  2. Right click on the selected record,  and then choose Delete from the menu.
  3. A dialog box pops up:
  4. Click on YES button to confirm your process, the record will be deleted from the grid.

Mark to Market for Form 4797

Mark to Market for Form 4797 Report -This report is for traders in stocks, options and single-stock futures who elect mark-to-market accounting to report their trading activity on Form 4797

If a trader previously made the mark-to-market election,A trader may make an election under section 475(f) to report all gains and losses from securities held in connection with a trading business as ordinary income (or loss), including those from securities held at the end of the year. Securities held at the end of the year are “marked to market” by treating them as if they were sold (and reacquired) for fair market value on the last business day of the year. Generally, the election must be made by the due date (not including extensions) of the tax return for the year prior to the year for which the election becomes effective.

The report should be printed and attached to the official IRS Form 4797 for tax filing.

Securities or Commodities Held by a Trader Who Made a Mark-To-Market Election should fill out Form 4797 Line 10 :

  • Report on line 10 all gains and losses from sales and dispositions of securities or commodities held in connection with your trading business, including gains and losses from marking to market securities and commodities held at the end of the tax year
  • Attach to your tax return a statement, using the same format as line 10, showing the details of each transaction. Separately show and identify securities or commodities held and marked to market at the end of the year. On line 10, enter “Trader—see attached” in column (a) and the totals from the statement in columns (d), (f), and (g).

The following wizard will show you how to run a Mark to Market for Form 4797 Report.

  1. Click the item Mark to Market for Form 4797, you will get the following window:
  2. After you press Download button, the price of the holding securities at the end of specific finance year will be downloaded. (For example: we choose the transaction data in FY2007, TradeMax downloads the price of the holding securities on last day of FY2007.)

  3. After downloading the price of the holding security, Mark to Market for Form 4797 Report is generated as below:
    Basic Function
    1 Report data information including Data Source, Create Date, Tax Payer and Page of Total

    Display the descriptions and gain and loss for all transactions in the current account and current period under Mark to Market accounting method.

    3 Display the Mark to Market for Form 4797 Report Total Amount of Acquired amount, Cost or other basis, and Gain & Lose.

    The following grid give a detailed introduction about the report .


    a).Description of Property

    The information of the security

    b).Acquire Date The purchase date of the security
    c). Sold Date The date you sold the security, if you haven’t sold the security before the end of specific year, Trademax will treated it as the last day of the year for the transaction is under Mark-to-Market methods.
    d).Acquired Amt( Amount) The Amount auto-calculated by the Quantity of the security* Original price
    f).Cost or Other Basis The Amount auto-calculated by the Quantity of the security* Price on Sold sate
    g). Gain/Lose The Amount auto-calculated by Cost or Other Basis – Acquired Amt
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