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How to include forex trades in the Realized Gain/Loss Report

Q:I come from a country where forex is treated the same as stocks for realized gains purposes.

I have not been able to find a way to include forex trades in the Realized Gain/Loss Report.Is there any way to do it in TradeMax?

A:In TradeMax, Forex trade should be reported on Sect.1256 Report( Mark to Market as default)

You also can use blacklist function add the forex data to the realized gain/loss report.

  1. Click Options button, and select Black List tab,  the following dialog box is displayed:

In “filter” dropdown-list select the “Realized Gain/Loss report”,remove the “Forex”,””Forex Future”  from the blacklist

Click the “ok” button,

In general tab,click “clear report cache” button

Now you can check your Realized Gain/Loss Report.Forex data is included in the report

Realized Gain/Loss Report

Realized Gain/Loss Report -This report is for those users who require trade transaction detail. Such as Security, Quality, open price, Open date, Open Commission, close price, close commission, sales price, cost basic, Actual gain &lose for each transaction. Moreover, it can be grouped by ID, Symbol or Date.

    Click the item Transaction Report, you will get the following report window:

    Basic Function
    1 Shows all of the open positions in the current account

    Display the details for all transactions in the current account and current period. You can group it buy different column header by choosing specific one in the Subtotel Field.

    3 Display the Actual Gain & Lose Amount
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