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Previous Schedule D forms generation possible?

Q:I began trading stocks and mutual funds in 2008.  I actively trade in some brokerage accounts and infrequently in others.Some previous Schedule D forms were prepared by my accountant; some by my wife using TurboTax.  I would like to verify prior year Schedule D accuracy.

Does TradeMax permit prior year (2008-2011) Schedule D generation?

A:Sure,with TradeMax 2012’s help,you can generate  previous Schedule D-1 forms and export to txf file to  TurboTax.
In the previous year “FY200X” ->”Trade Data&Report” filter,you can find “Schedule D-1” report.

Q:Using Excel or other software, it would be relative easy for me to create files of a specified format and type.  After summarizing brokerages A, B, C, etc., each in the same format, can TradeMax accept these files?

A:Technically, TradeMax supports every broker, known or unknown,  as long as this broker provides a statement in CSV/EXCEL format or Quicken Qif,QFX format / Money OFX format or OFX server connection. Without changing codes, TradeMax allows users to define their own templates which suit the CSV format of their broker data.

Q:Does TradeMax warn of wash sale issues prior to placing a trade?

A:If you place a wash sale trade,TradeMax will give you a warning on washsale report.

If I want to upload several short-term trades on Schedule D(Not Schedule D-1) – How can I do this and efile with this?

If I want to upload short-term trades on Schedule D(not Schedule D -1) How can I do this and efile with this?

You can manually enter the short-term trades into TradeMax and then Export a TXF file to software which support Schedule D to generate schedule D.

Alternately generate a Schedule D-1 form in TradeMax based on the short-term trades data and then number this report as an attachment to Efile with Schedule D.

Free Registration Code of TradeMax 2010 Basic

Neutral Trend Inc. is pleased to announce that they will offer a free registration code of TradeMax® 2010 Basic edition to the fans of their twitter and Facebook to commemorate their 3rd anniversary of TradeMax brand launching.

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TradeMax®, a brand launched 2 years ago, is a full featured tax software specially designed for active traders to manage their portfolios who have single or multiple accounts. It also provides normal traders with features to auto-generate a Schedule D or Mark to Market Form 4797 within seconds. With TradeMax®, users can easily track portfolio performance and adjust cost for stock positions with CALL/ PUT options (including the new 21-character OIS symbol) assigned or exercised. TradeMax® can also handles corporate events to calculate cost basis compliant with Wash Sale rules.

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The key features of TradeMax® 2010 Basic edtion include the following:

  • Track your trade
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  • Auto-identify 21-character new OIS option symbol
  • Auto-convert the foreign transaction (Non-USD) into USD figures
  • Download price history of securities for your comparing.
  • Monitor your capital gain easily
  • Setup and Combine different accounts to monitor your capital gains
  • Filter items you don’t want in Black list
  • Run various reports (Up to 13) to monitor your capital gains and losses.
  • Calculate various complicated Wash Sale scenarios accurately.
  • Prepare schedule D
  • Support importing trade data from most common-used brokers directly or the downloaded data in various formats.
  • Use strict FIFO trade matching as a default method
  • Force-Match specific trade transactions
  • Assign short trade, convert short / long position
  • Basic Edition Support 200 transaction records per year.

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Prepare your Schedule D with TradeMax

Prepare your Schedule D with TradeMax

LAS VAGAS, NV – Mar 26, 2009

Prepare your Schedule D with TradeMax

Neutral Trend Inc. today announces TradeMax® 2.0, a full featured tax software specifically designed for active investors or traders to manage their trade data maximize their gain/loss strategy, prepare their Schedule D.

TradeMax® debuts innovative new tools that enable active investors or traders to effortlessly manage all their trades across various accounts.With customizable Vista® style “Views”. TradeMax® delivers important investment account information right to the desktop, without the need to access Internet. Users can manage their trade data, maximize their gain/loss strategy, prepare their Schedule D. It can import trade data from all kinds of formats files, monitor realized/unrealized gains & losses for current positions, adjust wash sales events, report capital gains/losses in printed Schedule D format or export to popular tax software such as TaxCut®, TurboTax®.

“The idea of this software came from a few active traders in our company. Traders are very busy in these days, and sometimes it is too time consuming to figure out Wash Sale trade between different accounts. A investor with more than 100 trades per year might ends up spend at least 20 hours to count their trades. Investors don’t like this hassle and they want to focus on the market” Neutral Trend said, “Fortunately, given our team’s rich experience (averagely 15+ years experience in the software industry), we are able to help our customer with delivery of this state-of-the-art trade software.  TradeMax® takes out the dirty work, so users can spend more time on their money-making investment activities.”

The new features of TradeMax® include the following:


1. Track your trades: Users can setup different investment type accounts among whole family and manage trade data over years. TradeMax® tracks and categorizes trade data automatically. Users can view all investment accounts in one place.

2. Data security: TradeMax®’data files are stored on computer in encrypted form. TradeMax®’s date can’t be viewed with third party text editor.

3. Calculate wash sales and Defer lose between different accounts: Users can combine different accounts into one to monitor specific investments.

4. Powerful importing module: TradeMax® includes lots of preset profile to support most brokers. Users can import data file with the following type extension: *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.qif, *ofx, *.qfx, *tlf., *tdf . TradeMax also provides a flexible format reorganization algorithm which allows users to customize their own format.

5. Multiple transaction lot matching methods: TradeMax® uses strict “First In, First Out” (FIFO) trade matching as a default method. TradeMax® also allows users to “Force-Match” specific trade transactions into particular tax lot.

6. Help maximize tax deductions: TradeMax® calculates various of Wash Sale scenarios, include but are not limited to, Wash Sale between identical securities (stocks and options), Wash Sales on an unequal number of securities and Wash Sale on Same Day Rule..

7. Simplify tax preparation: TradeMax® can assign short trades and convert short / long position, and calculates Wash Sale automatically. Users can export gains and losses to popular tax software programs support TXF format. TradeMax® generates Schedule D-1, Gain&Lose report, Wash Sale Detail Report and Summary report.

8. Option symbol detection: TradeMax® can download Option data from Internet and identify Option symbol and related information like CALL/PUT type, size and expiration month etc.

9. Easy-to-use interface: Displays the Account List on the left side of the screen as a convenient way for you to monitor and manage your accounts and views. Symbol View helps you to manage your stock and stock options. Attractive report and screen interface.

10. Customization data view flexibility: TradeMax® allows users to build own view to manage data properly. Users can customize multiple filters to change the way of viewing account.

“We are adding new feature on daily basis, we suggest our users to visit our website frequently for updates.” Neutral Trend said.


Pricing and Availability


TradeMax® Basic is available at an estimated price of $69.00 USD per 12 months subscription. TradeMax® Standard is available at an estimated price of $119.00 (U.S.). TradeMax® Deluxe is available at an estimated price of $169.00 USD per 12 months subscription. TradeMax® Premier is available at an estimated price of $297.00 USD per 12 months subscription. All TradeMax® products have trial version free for download online. Trial version has no expiration date, but it only generates report for transaction between Jan to Jun.


All TradeMax® products are available today at

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Schedule D

If you sold a stock or other property, regardless of whether you made or lost money on it, you have to file Schedule D. This two-page form, with all its sections, columns and special computations, looks daunting and it certainly can be.
Schedule D –A U.S. income tax form used by taxpayers to report their realized capital gains or losses.  Investors are required to report their capital gains (and losses) from the sales of assets, which result in different cash values being received for them than what was originally paid, in order to affix some amount of taxation to the income and wealth that is generated through investment activities.

Calculating Capital Gains and Losses on the Schedule D

A frequently asked question by investors during tax time is how to calculate capital gains and losses on the Schedule D. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one.

The basic principle in calculating capital gains or losses is to subtract the cost to purchase a security from the proceeds of selling it. Gains from investments held for more than one year are taxed at the more favorable capital gains rate of no higher than 15%. Investments held less than a year are treated as ordinary income and taxed at the personal income tax rate as high as 35%. If investors have net loss positions for the year, the IRS will allow them to write off a loss of up to $3,000 against their income. All other losses can be carried forward to future years.

Further complicating the task of manually completing the Schedule D is identifying wash sales and corporate actions that have affected securities in an investor’s portfolio and making the necessary cost basis adjustments to these securities.

IRS Schedule D-1

IRS Schedule D-1 – This report is for those users who require a more exact replica of the IRS form.

Schedule D-1 of Form 1040 provides additional space to list short and long-term capital gains and losses. Schedule D requires taxpayers to list their short and long-term capital gains and losses. However, it may not provide enough space to list all applicable transactions. This schedule allows taxpayers to include all qualifying transactions. The date of each transaction and the purchase and sale price of each security should be included.

Now, we will show you how to run an IRS Schedule D-1:

Note: Please enter your Name and SSN before run the report with the Option button in the Main Button.

    Click the item IRS Schedule D-1 and you will get a report just like the IRS form.
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