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Do I need to buy TradeMax 2013 when I have to prepare tax return for Year 2012 ?

You are selling the 2013 version on the net. I need to prepare tax returns for year 2012. Do I need to buy 2012 TradeMax?If yes,How?

You needn’t buy TradeMax® 2012, TradeMax®2013 includes all the functions of TradeMax® 2012 with newly  added features. With TradeMax® 2013 you also can generate 2012 Form8949 & Schedule D-1 report by importing 2012 Trade data, after that, TradeMax’s step-by-step wizard will show you how to prepare your tax returns for the FY 2012.

If I want to upload several short-term trades on Schedule D(Not Schedule D-1) – How can I do this and efile with this?

If I want to upload short-term trades on Schedule D(not Schedule D -1) How can I do this and efile with this?

You can manually enter the short-term trades into TradeMax and then Export a TXF file to software which support Schedule D to generate schedule D.

Alternately generate a Schedule D-1 form in TradeMax based on the short-term trades data and then number this report as an attachment to Efile with Schedule D.

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