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Import Trade History

Technically, TradeMax supports every broker, known or unknown, as long as this broker provides a statement in CSV/EXCEL format or Quicken Qif,QFX fomart / Money OFX format or OFX server connection. Without changing codes, TradeMax allows users to define their own templates which suit the CSV format of their broker data.

There are Four options to import your trade data into TradeMax:

A) Import Trades from online Brokerage Server(OFX Server)

If you want to download trades from online brokerage account, select this option. Please check our supported broker’s OFX server list, if your brokerage provide ofx data service and not listed in our list, you can send your broker name & ofx server url to contact form we will add it to TradeMax.

B)Import Trade Activity data from local file (Recommended)

  1. Built-in Broker Profile: Currently TradeMax already havs built-in template for IB and ETrade, ScotTrade, OptionsXpress, TdAmeritrade, Schwab, Person,Sogotrade and more.(Please check our supported brokers list),
  2. File Profile: TradeMax can support Quicken Interchange Format(*.QIF), Micorsoft Excel(*.xls), Open Financial Exchange(*.OFX) file, Quicken Financial Exchange(*.QFX) file
    How to import Quicken QIF file to TradeMax
  3. Unknown column csv or excel file:You can either define your own template with trademax profile wizard function or send us a sample CSV or Xls data file with 8~10 lines of transactions in it for importing, we will build template for customer without any extra cost.

Import Sample files

The following documents contains sample trade data that you can download to practice or use as templates for importing transactions into TradeMax.

Trade Activity Sample Files.xls (Profile Wizard[*.xls])
Each Record has TradeDate,Symbol,Action,Qty,Price,Commission,Amount
15 kB
Realized Gain and Loss Report.xls (Profile Wizard[*.xls]) –
(Symbol,qty,open/close date ,Proceeds /Cost Basis in single record)
18 kB

C) Import Realized Gains and Losses Report from Local File
If you already have Realized Gain and Loss Report, TradeMax can help you to import it directly from the local file with the following step-by-step wizard.More…

Please Note: Some Gains & Losses Reports do not have year end open postion,this will effect wash sale calculating.

D) Import Trade data copied from broker Transaction History Report
You can copy your Broker’s Transaction History report from the web browser and paste to TradeMax during the importing process. More…

Supported Brokers

TradeMax supports importing data form the following brokers.

The brokers who support import type OFX server, can get import trade history from online brokerage in a fast and easy manner.

With the help of TradeMax’s Import Profile Wizard function, you can import csv,excel files with unknown column header.

Column Header Import Type Link Detail
Ameritrade OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
American Century Investment OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Ameriprise Financial service OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Brown Co OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Edward Jones OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Fidelity Investment OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Fidelity Netbenefit OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Penson Financial OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Schwab OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
ScotTrade OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
BOA Investment OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
E-Trade OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Harrisdirect OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
OptionsXpress OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
OppenheimerFunds OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
RBC Dain Rauscher OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Robert W. Baird OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Vanguard OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Merrill Lynch OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Morgen Stanley Smith Barney OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Morgen Stanley ClientServ OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
T.Rowe Price OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
UBS OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
USAA OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Wells Fargo OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Wells Fargo Funds OFX Server ,CSV Click Here
Interactive Broker CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Tradestation Security CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
TradeKing QFX, CSV , TXT, etc Click Here
Assent LLC CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Bank of America CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
eRegal Discount Security CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
ETG LLC CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Folio FN CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Goldman Sachs CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Investrade CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
JPR Capital CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Lightspeed CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Mastertrader CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
MB Trading CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
NinjaTrader CSV, XLS, etc Click Here
Optionshouse CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
SogoTrade CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Southwest Securities (SWS) CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Spear, Leeds& Kellogg CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Terra Nova Trading CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Thinkorswim CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
tradeMONSTER CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
UNX CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Zecco CSV, TXT, etc Click Here
Other Imports
Excel or CSV,TXT XLS,CSV,TXT.etc File From your own computer(Profile Wizard) Click Here
Ofx format(*.ofx) *.ofx Ms-money or Your broker provide you ofx file
Quicken(*qfx) QFX Log in to Quicken Software to download the data
Quicken(*qif) QIF Log in to Quicken Software to download the data
MetaTrader(*.htm) Detailed Statement Log in to MetaTrader Software to export the DetailedStatement html file Click Here

Download Data From Scottrade

To download data file from Scottrade:

  1. Log in your  Scottrade account .

  1. Click on the My Account Tab and select Account History and Transactions
  2. (Transactions are default option).

  3. Scottrade provides you with two options to filter your Trade data for downloading data under specific condition.
  4. Basic Function
    1. Date Scottrade provides six options to choose from.Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, All available.It’s a shortcut for users to select the data in that period.
    2. Transactions If you want to download the data in specific transaction type, you can choose one specific transaction type from its drop down list.
    3. Symbol Manually enter the specific symbol name.
    4. Select Date Range If you want to download the trade data in specific time range, you can click this tab to select date range.
    5. Download File There are two options : Comma Delimited (CSV), Quick/Money.You can select data file format accordingly from the dropdown list.

    One Option: Download the data by choosing Date, Transaction, symbol.

    Two Option: Specific date range by selecting a Start Date and End Date

  5. Select Comma Delimited (CSV) in the Download File drop down box and then click the GO button.
  6. It will land on another page there left click Trade History Records option.Attention: This window will popup only when your ad blocker and popup blocker is disabled
  7. File Download dialog box will popup

  1. Press Save and specific file location to save the report csv file to your computer.
  2. Your downloaded file must be in this format as shown below, otherwise, you should set your profile in profile wizard dialog box to import your data into TradeMax.

    If you find the your downloaded file format is different from the above formats, you should set your profile in Profile Wizard.

  3. Run TradeMax, and click Scottrade account to import trade activity data from local file.
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