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Online Tutorial

The following Tutorials helps the beginners know better about TradeMax’s various modules and operate TradeMax more freely.

We suggest that you begin with Quick Start to take a quick view of TradeMax’s powerful function.

Undo Trades Adjustment

Trade Max allows you to undo the last action and redo the previously undo action.

There are the following ways:

  1. Click the icon in the Quick Access Toolbar -OR-
  2. Click the Undo or Redo icon in the Trade Tab


  3. Right-click the data grid and select the trade undo or redo function from its context menu:


  4. Use the keybord shortcut to complete the job.
    Undo Undo the last action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Z/ALT + Backspace)
    Redo Redo the previously undo action (Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +Y)



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