TradeMax provides you nine reports for your IRS Gains & Losses and portfolio management. They have a similar interface. Now, we take the Realized Gain/Loss Report as an example.

Basic Function
1. Subtotal Field To group the report by choosing a column header from its dropdown list. This function only exits in Trade Detailed Report and Realized Gain/Loss Report.
2. Export Button Export your report to your computer with PDF, Excel format etc.This function is only available under Registered vision.
3. Group By Tree Button Press it to display the Group By Tree
4. Zoom Field Zoom in or zoom out the report view
5. Page Bar Select the exact report page
6. Title Report Title
7. Subtotitle Report Subtitle which depends on what you choose in the Subtotal Field
8.TradeMax Logo TradeMax Logo
9. Data Properties Bar Report data information including Data Source, Create Date, Tax Payer and Page of Total
10.Group By Tree Click item to go to the specific group. The item depends on what you choose in the Subtotal Field.
11. Main Report Grid Main part of the report which displays the IRS Gains & Losses detailed information of the report. Learn more about Report.