The headers on the columns in the grid have the following meanings.

Column Header Meaning
Action Action name in TradeMax.
Buy to Open / Long — Buy Stock/Option to Open a Long position
Sell to Close/ Closed Long— Sell Stock/Option to Close a Long position
Buy to Close — Buy Stock/Option to Close a Short position
Sell to Open — Sell Stock/Option to Open a Short position
dividend, Journal, stock merge etc.
ActionName Action name in your brokerage trade history.
For example, Buy, sell, dividend, Journal, stock merge etc.
Account Trade account in TradeMax
Amount Trade amount
Commission Trade broker commissions (Including fees)
DeferCost Deferloss produced by wash sales from last year
ExpireDate Expire date of option or future.
ID Trade ID in TradeMax.
Market Exchange market where you bought the financial product. For instance, NASDAQ.
Notes Any information of the trade record
Price Security price
Quantity Number of shares
Rate Option or future rate. An option has a 100 “Rate” which means an option contract is for 100 shares of the underlying stock.
StrikePrice The strike price of the underlying stock in the option or future
Symbol Security Ticker Symbol
TickerMatch The strike price of the underlying stock in the option or future
TradeDate Trade date
TradeTime Trade time
TradeMatch The amount of “Force-Match” for tax purpose.
Type Security type. For instance, stocks and mutual funds, options on stocks, Single-Stock-Futures, futures, currencies etc.