With this function, you can download holding security prices from the Internet that you track in TradeMax, view the price history to monitor the performance of the securities in a certain period of time, which help you to better make your investment. 

Trademax will download the price of the symbol on holding position in the end of the specific Finance year in Trade View.

  1. In Trade View, you should choose specific Finance Year first, and then click the Price Button in the Ribbon field.
    • Download Hold-  TradeMax will download the price of the holding securities.
    • Download Selected- TradeMax will download the price of the selected securities (you have to select the securities first, or the price dialog box below will not display)
    • Download All – TradeMax will download the price of all securities in trade grid.
  2. Learn more about: How to select trade records.

  3. A dialog box opens, and
    click Download button to continue the process, the data will be downloaded.

    1.Begin date

    End date

    If you have selected the specific Finance Year, the default date is the last five days of the Finance year. But if you selected the current finance year , the default date will be the latest five days prior to the date when you download prices of the symbols.
    2.Symbol All the symbols on holding position in the end of specific finance year. Please be sure that the ticker symbol is correct or has not been changed.
    3.Date The last day of the finance year or the first day of the next Finance Year( Because the last day may be on weekends or national holidays)
    4.Price The price of the symbol
    5.Status It will display whether the symbol’s price is successfully downloaded or not.
  4. After downloading the price of the security, you can get the data of symbols’ price history.
    • Click thePrice History Tab , the above Price History Grid extends .
    • You can activate the checkbox to set the Begin Date and End Date .
    • Select the specific security record, the dialog box will display the price history in the specific period. ( For example, select BCF , the dialog box displays the price history of BCF from 09/02/2009 to 09/23/2009. )