Section 2: Group By Panel

If you want group by some specific column header, you can drag a column header to Group By Panel. It will display only when you press the Group By Box button under the Trade tab one the View group box like the following picture:

Learn more about: How to custom the grid.


  • Press the Group By Box button to activate the Group By Panel which is at the top of the data grid. It allows grouping data by single or multiple columns. You can either set grid column(s) that will be used for grouping, or enable Group By Box where grouped columns may be dropped at runtime.
  • Press the Field Chooser to activate the Field Chooser box floating above the data grid. The built-in Filed Chooser provides a simple and efficient way to organize the grid layout: you can drag and drop the column header to the chooser from the grid header. You can also drag any required field from the chooser and drop it either on the grid header, or on the group box.
  • The Column Auto-Resize used to resize your columns automatically according to the length of the field.