Section 3: Time Range Filter

With Time Range Filter, you can filter the trades within a period. You just need to select BeginDate and EndDate.

Take the BeginDate as an example.

  • Select the BeginDate checkbox to activate this function
  • Select the date from the dropdown calendar.
    you can also use the left-arrow and the right-arrow to change the year
  • Click month, day or year and use the up-arrow or down-arrow far right of the date to select the specific date.
  • You can also manually enter the date with you keyboard.Cick the field of that you want to change and enter the date with your keyboard as the following instruction.
    TradeMax provides you the date format month/day/year/hour/minutes/am (pm). (refer to the above picture)

    Field/Button Valid range Comments
    Month The month as a number or an English month names in short form (e.g. Jan.). Just type the initials letter of the month some times according to the sequence in the 12 month to get the right month. For example, Jan-type j one time; Jun-type j two times; Jul-type j there times
    Day 1-31 The date of month
    Year 1999-2090 Please enter the last two digits of the year (e.g. 2007, just enter 07)
    Hour 0–12 It is a 12-hour format, with “am” or “pm” after the number.
    Minutes 0–59 Minutes
    am/pm Enter the letter a to display the am and enter the p to display the pm